Code of Conduct

Hi! We’re really happy you’re considering joining us for ECX! We’re excited to meet you, re-meet you, and generally dance with you!

During the event, we’ll ask you to participate in making this event awesome by following this code of conduct!


We believe that practicing consent culture creates a safer and comfortable environment. Please, leave the expectations and guesswork at the door, and actually ask before you do something that involves someone else. You can ask verbally or not, but ask. Things you’ll get high fives for : asking someone to dance ; asking if they want to lead, follow or switch ; asking before dancing close embrace ; asking before dipping someone. Proceed only if you receive an enthusiastic yes!

We will support everybody’s right to say “no”. Please help us by taking “no” graciously! Things you’ll get approving winks for : answering a no by smiling and saying “sure”; saying “no problem, come find me if you change your mind”.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable, we will support you for : using words to fix the dance “can we get more space?” “please use less strength” “please don’t dip me;”  walk away from an unsafe dance; report what happened to the registration table.


We value every person coming to dance with us, and we want to celebrate the diversity of people dancing together. Please treat people with respect, we don’t need those ugly stereotypes when we’re dancing!


A great way to make people feel included and welcomed is to ask them to dance! Things you’ll get a thumbs up for : dancing with people you’re not used to dance with, such as people with disability or of certain, race, gender, age, body size, dance skill and so on…


We believe in common effort toward awesomeness! Please be excellent to the volunteers and to the hosts! They love appreciation! Even better, become one of them, and help us make ECX even better!