Yale Swing, Blues & Fusion is a student organization and a proud part of the Yale and New Haven communities. We are open to the public. The Elm City Exchange is our invitation to the swing, blues, and fusion dancers of the world to come and experience our dance community in New Haven, CT. Our goal is to be as welcoming, inclusive, and joyful in our dancing as it is possible to be.


What we mean by “Ambidancetrous” is that we are part of the movement to be more gender-neutral and inclusive in our partner dancing. Many of our local dancers learn to both lead and follow. You are welcome to lead, follow, or switch at all of our dances. We will try not to make assumptions, and instead ask you your preference when we ask you to dance. If you are asking us to dance and you have a preference, you can let us know by saying something like “Would you lead?” or “Do you mind if I lead?”

We also welcome any questions you have about our experience and practices as an ambi-community.