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The Fam

French 75

French 75 was formed somewhat haphazardly in January 2016, as it started with a tuba player anxious to play more than oom-pahs, an overly enthusiastic clarinetist and a trumpet player ready to sprinkle his jazz wisdom on two primarily classical musicians. From there, a laid back (aren’t they all??) drummer was added, who was willing to put up with the chaos and finally a banjo player who truly became the glue to bring F75 together. Rehearsals include disagreements, good beer and working on our version of 1920s hot jazz!

The members include:
Alexander Kollias – clarinet
Seth Bailey – trumpet
John Birt – banjo
Mark Macksoud – drums
Allison Lazur – tuba

Check out some of their music:



Ellison Jackson

ellison jackson

Elison Jackson is a garage–folk/ psychedelic rock band from Philadelphia, PA & New Haven, CT. The band has put out three records and several bedroom-demo mix-tapes since 2011. Their third LP, “Do Not Fear To Kill A Dead Man”, was released in the fall of 2013 to critical acclaim. Featuring basement organs, haunted lyrics and Neil Young-esque guitar jams, their sound has expanded significantly from its folk roots, moving forward with a strong foundation into blues, 80’s analog synth, and prog-rock. Their newest record, a 5-song collection titled “Silver Sounds: Hallucinations”, takes a step further in the band’s sonic progression. Heavier drums, driving synth, and atmospheric bowed upright bass fill out the songs in a way the band has never achieved before.

Staying busy since their beginnings in 2010, Elison Jackson has emerged as one of the most consistent and unique bands in CT. Relentlessly playing and recording, the band has built a loyal following in throughout the Northeast. The band won a Connecticut Music Award for “Song of the Year” in 2014 for their single ‘2009’, and won the New England Music Award for “Songwriter of the Year” in 2015. Primary songwriter and singer Sam Perduta currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, after living and basing the band out of New Haven from 2012-2015. In 2017, Elison Jackson has released a single and accompanying live video, for the song “Caught One In The Jaw”, and are in the studio working on a full-length follow-up to “Silver Sounds”.

Check them out at or, and check out some of their music:

Joshua Fialkoff

Local DJs for some more fusion dancing!