Our schedule is up! Prices indicated are “à la carte” pricing that you’ll find at the door.

You can also buy a all-inclusive pass and attend all ECX events (dances & other activities) for a better value ($90 general/$70 students) on the registration page.

Friday November 3

8 pm to 9 pm: Beginner Swing Lesson @ Harkness Ballroom.


9 pm to 12 am: Swing Dance with French 75 @ Harkness Ballroom

$25 general/$20 students // We’re so excited to see you! Come join us for the first dance of ECX.

12:15 am to 4 am: Late Night Fusion featuring our local DJs @ Harkness Ballroom

$20 general/$15 students // Join us for a mellow night of dancing with some fusion by various local and out-of-town DJs!

Saturday November 4

12p – 4p : Activities @ GPSCY

We’ve got lots of great activities line up for the afternoon:

  • Bring your t-shirts or get our own for some t-shirt printing. The awesome Rose King has made a print of our design and we’ll be stamping it onto t-shirts all afternoon long! $12 for us to print a t-shirt or you to stamp one of our t-shirts/only $7 if you bring your own!
  • Share your music! All afternoon long we’ll have a music and dance swap, so anyone who’s interested can bring some music or a move to share
  • We’ll also be bringing some food to share! Please bring either a dish to share or a $5 donation.

8 pm to 9 pm: Beginner Swing Lesson @ Let’s Dance in Rhythm


9 pm to 12 am: Costumed Swing Dance with Josh Fialkoff and the Fried Bananas @ Let’s Dance in Rhythm

$25 general/$20 students // Join us for some out-of-this-world swing dancing! Dress up as your favorite space-themed person/character/object/etc. and enter our costume contest.

It’s really important for the ECX organizing team that we create a safe environment for everyone (see also our code of conduct). Costumes rooted in stereotypical representations can be hurtful, despite the wearer’s best intentions. We encourage you to be excellent to your fellow humans, and err on the side of respect. Please avoid costumes that make use of cultural stereotypes.

If you feel uncertain, reach out to us at registration@elmcityexchange.com

12:30 am to 6 am: Late Night Fusion Dance with Grit Rhythm @ Let’s Dance in Rhythm

$20 general/$15 students // More dancing with more live music! Finish off the night with fantastic live fusion music. And then we’ll have some DJs to wrap up the evening!

Sunday November 5

1 pm to 5 pm: Afternoon Fusion Dance with Olive Tiger @ Slifka Center

$20 general/$15 students // Come wrap up the weekend with a fusion-oriented afternoon of dancing with some fantastic DJs!

7:30 pm to 10:30 pm:  Weekly Practicum @ Slifka Center.

Free // To close out ECX, join us for our weekly swing and blues dance practicum. Last chance to get a wonderful dance!