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Robin Thomas:

Robin Thomas has been teaching tango for over 16 years, during which time he has developed a unique teaching style which is well known for producing comfortable and competent dancers remarkably quickly. With his focus on simplicity, musicality, and connection, Robin gives his students the tools to dance with quality and confidence even as complete beginners, while creating a solid foundational technique which can be built upon with time and experience. His sense of humor and contagious energy make what may otherwise be perceived as an intimidating dance accessible to anyone; students are easily infected with an obsessive love of tango. In addition to hosting several milongas in New York City, Robin is also an internationally renowned DJ and travels the world playing music and teaching at Argentine tango events. He has taught in Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Seattle, Berlin, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Edinburgh, San Diego, and at Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Rockefeller, and Cornell Universities.

Workshop name: “One body with four legs” – Using the structure of Argentine Tango, we will explore the ideas of independent and shared axis to achieve a better connection, and how this can this can be expressed musically, specifically the concept “the anticipation of the beat.”


Renee Wasko

Renee brings her boundless energy, enthusiasm, and “beginner’s mindset” to every class she teaches, workshop she takes, and dance she performs. She has been a dancer for all her life, with nine years of Irish step dance training from which she draws much of her love for rhythmic and footwork variations. Since her introduction to Lindy hop in 2014, and then west coast swing in 2015, she has fallen deeply and wholly in love with all things swing, and is a staunch believer in the mantra of The Boston Tea Party: [east or west coast,] “it’s all swing!” Renee has been recognized for her playful and inclusive social dancing, as well as for her east-west coast crossover dancing, winning the amateur crossover competition at the 2018 Boston Tea Party. Renee is thrilled to be teaching at the 2018 Elm City Exchange as part of YSBF’s efforts to grow into a thriving crossover swing scene! Photo credit: Byron Hon.

Workshop name: “Just Coast: playing in the space between the ‘east and west coasts’ of social swing dancing” – Although East and West coast swing can at times seem 3,000 miles apart, there is ample room for both styles in a social dance! Here, cross-coast-curious dancers will learn techniques to shape your styling to accentuate and enjoy the unique elements of lindy hop and west coast swing, creating new opportunities to connect to your partner, highlight the music, and take your social dancing to new, uncharted, and awesome territory.